Team building

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Team building is more than a three decades a trend that all successful companies practice. Companies that want to enable their employees to get to know each other, to build mutual trust regardless of the job position and thus develop a team spirit and a sense of belonging to the company.

The literal meaning of “team building" would be creating a team, but put it most briefly team building is a group of educational - recreational or entertainment - recreational activities aimed to create or strengthen the team and improve interpersonal relationships in order to achieve common goals.

This can be achieved through motivational programs, adventure travel, contests and adventure tours (rafting and hiking). All these aspects of social activities can establish confidence, develop team spirit and raise adrenaline. They can be arranged in the nature, but can also be indoors, like following activities: wellness and spa, culinary competition, bowling or darts competition.

There are many reasons why team building is useful and the Highlander Team recommends you to strengthen your team in the canyon, on the waves of the wild and beautiful river Tara.

10 advantages of the team building activities

  1. Improves communication amongst employees
  2. Develops better mutual understanding of the team members
  3. Allows team members to get to know each other, discover their weaknesses and virtues
  4. Allows team members to learn from each other and to cooperate better
  5. Increases productivity and efficiency of employees
  6. Increases employees’ loyalty
  7. Increases employees’ motivation
  8. Indicates the importance of the impact of each employee
  9. Creates a better understanding of the common goals of the company
  10. Company becomes more pleasant place to work

Rafting in the Tara canyon is by far the biggest adventure that your employees will have and for a short time together they will overcome many challenges. Choose the Highlander team and give yourself and your employees something special, something that will be remembered. Make sure your team is even stronger and more unified!