Rafting on Tara river

Rafting on Tara is an amazing feeling when you are united with the river that carries you, faster and faster, throwing you in its rapids. It's covering you with cold waves and refreshes you every time you reach out a hand to drink it. This is the shortest description of what awaits you in the canyon of Tara. And much more! It is definitely an adventure you are going to talk about for a long time and place you will always want to come back whenever you can.

tara rafting

Back then it was organized only on the Drina river with wooden rafts, while through the Tara Canyon there was just rafting of chumps until 1970. Today, rafting in Tara Canyon represents a combination of unforgettable adventure and active holiday that is memorable experience and knowledge of primordial value and beauty of the nature for every human being.

According to the attractiveness degree, Tara is categorized as III-IV degree (according to the international scale of categorizing the river), that is in the top of the world's most attractive rivers along the Colorado River and the Zambezi. Duration of rafting adventure depends on the water heights, weather conditions and the crew in the boat. In May, when the water level is the highest, the descent lasts about 45 minutes, and in August and September, from 3 to 4 hours. Rafting is performed in rubber boats specially made for wild water. The boats can accommodate 8-10 people. Tourists receive following equipment: neoprene suit and boots, life jacket, helmet and paddle, and in case of rain they also get raincoats. Very important role has a skipper, the person who steers the boat and is also a guide during the descent. All Highlander skippers have International Rafting Federation (IRF) licenses.

Before the rafting starts skipper holds a short brief about rafting and it is very important that all the passengers in the boat stick to advice and requests of a skipper. During the rafting on Tara tourists can carry cameras that are kept in special sealed bags or barrels. Breaks are organized at the most attractive locations for shooting and refreshments. Rafting on the wild waters is an exciting change of everyday life. It is a combination of adventure, sports and active leisure and such challenge is certainly not to be missed.