Mount biking

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After the winter season when skiers have gone home from the mountain peaks to the "scene" come cyclists - lovers of mount biking. More than 25 years mountain biking is a challenge and passion of all those who love nature and who enjoy conquering it with the power of their body.

mount biking

This type of riding is also called "off road" cycling, because it is one of the extreme sports (hobbies) in which bikes are ride in the hills, the mountains, with cart roads, through forests, parks, meadow and all areas that are collectively called "off road". Fans of this sport cross the same terrain as the skiers, but unlike them, that these areas conquer by skiing downhill, mountain bikers first drive uphill and then downhill. A moment of enjoyment occurs when they get to the top of the mountain massif and enjoy the beauty of all the views that are extending from these heights.

Mountain biking is a sport that requires special equipment and bicycles, specific knowledge, experience and technique of "off road" driving. It is important that you have your own bike (mountain bike or hybrid) on which you are used to cross the distance. Highlander Team takes you on a cycling tour:

mount biking


Track: Tjentište - Prijevor - Suva jezerina - Trnovačko lake - Suha - Tjentište

  • Length: 121 km
  • Total climb: 3800 m
  • Lowest point: 570 m
  • Highest point: 1750 m
  • Fitness level: 7/10
  • Technical level: 6/10