Jeep safari

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The jeep safari is particularly adventurous experience that you can enjoy traveling with Highlander Team through the National Park "Durmitor" and National Park "Sutjeska" enjoying the beauty of the lakes and the largest peaks of the Balkans.

Jeep safari through the National Park "Durmitor" and National Park "Sutjeska"

This adventure can be combined with rafting in the Tara canyon or camping and hiking tour of the mountains. There are:

  • Durmitor ring: Scepan Field around Durmitor mountain 126 km.
  • Big safari: Tjentiste - Sutjeska canyon – Cemerno-Orlovačko lake 65 km.
  • Medium safari: Tjentiste - Hrcavka canyon-Donje Bare - Gornje Bare 50 km.
  • Small safari: Tjentiste – Perucica - Prijevor 40 km.