Horse riding

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Horse riding - each of us has at least once wanted to have a horse. For some fortunate this wish came true ☺ To all of you who were not so lucky, but no matter what you love and dream of riding a horse in the beautiful mountainous regions, Highlander Team can make this happen.

Horse riding Durmitor

We give you the opportunity to saddled horse of your choice and enjoy the fantastic feeling - horse riding. We take you to the National park Durmitor in Montenegro, in the exciting adventure from the village Trša to the viewpoint of the canyon Sušica.

This tour is intended for groups of up to 4 people, you will have a tame horse, instructor / guide who has many years of experience, transport with off-road vehicles from the camp Highlander to National Park Durmitor and back, free parking for your vehicle and residence tax.

The only thing you have to do is to enjoy this unforgettable experience.