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Depending on the route, hiking can be more or less physically demanding, but this type of active holiday and enjoyment on fresh mountain air is always a great way to calm the mind and the perfect way to rest the soul.

If you want to get away from the usual everyday life and "recharge" the positive energy, then hiking with Highlander Team is right choice. Demonstrate skills, courage and flexibility! Become one with nature - join us in this adventure!


The municipality of Foca and beyond adorn the large mountain ranges that belong to the Dinaric mountain system and waiting for you to explore them. Maglic, Zelengora, Volujak, Bioc, Ljubisnja or Lelija ... you just need to decide which mountain you want to conquer first...

Perhaps the biggest challenge all climbers have is Maglic (2386 m). This is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is located 20 km southwest of Foca, on the border with Montenegro. It is covered with beech and coniferous forests. Upper forest border is at about 1,600 meters above sea level, and above this there are plateaus with pastures and numerous ridges and peaks. The most famous plateaus are Vucevo (tipped Black Top) Rujevac, Snjeznica, Prijevor, Mratinjski Gora and Carev do. On the rocky slopes of Maglic can be found fossilized remains of extinct cephalopods ammonites.

Zelengora, the beauty amongst beauties, mountain with endless complex of forest and pastures, rocky peaks, very rich in flora and fauna with nine beautiful lakes, is rightly considered the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located within the National Park "Sutjeska" and its highest peak is Bregoc (2014 m). The whole complex Zelengora includes about 150-160 km2.

Ljubisnja (2238 m) is located on the border with Montenegro, near the canyon of Tara from which is separated by the top Radovina. Between Ljubisnja and Radovina is a spacious grassy plateau – Horse Field, that is very rich in water. Draga river which flows into river Tara appears here, making that way a very beautiful canyon.

Volujak is located on the border with Montenegro and its highest peak at 2336 m belongs to Montenegro. Volujak is on one hand very steep grassy slope while at the same time is very impressive and inaccessible rocky massif. It is surrounded by mountains Maglic, Bioc, Lebresnik and Zelengora.

Bioc is a mountain that belongs to Montenegro and its top Great Vitao with its 2398 m is the highest in this area. It is very attractive for hikers and climbers in all seasons. It is located between Volujak and Piva lake, and partly relies on Maglic massive.

Whether you are a nature lover with a long "hiking experience" or just one eager for new challenges, hiking with the Highlander Team is the right way to explore all the natural beauty of the region and experience the moments worth remembering.