Fly fishing

There are major dilemmas when and where so-called fly-fishing appeared, but many sources indicate that its origins are at the Balkans. Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned. Anyway, maybe this type of fishing originated from pure curiosity of fishermen, perhaps as a necessary “evil”, but nowadays fly fishing is the obsession of many fishing fans…

There are more and more of those who with great passion are wading mud and reed-covered ponds in an effort to fool some of the unusual fishes - sunfish, roach, bullhead... The biggest fanatics among fly-fishermen are considered to be those who hunt pikes. With a fly rod in hand they are looking for a new place to fish, sneaking into the thickets, hoping to deceive pike over pike.

The biggest problem that occurs in such fishing is with water plants and vegetation. Thanks to the rapid warming of standing water, vegetation is present at every step from March. Maybe this is good for the fish (more shelters, more food, etc.) it can be traumatic for fly fisherman.

If you're a fan of this kind of fishing Highlander Team takes you into the canyon of Tara or Drina, then Trnovacko Lake, Black Lake and Lake Kladopoljsko, all the places that experienced fishermen already tested and can guarantee are good for fly fishing.