Zelengora mountain

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Zelengora, the beauty amongst beauties, mountain with endless complex of forest and pastures, rocky peaks, very rich in flora and fauna with nine beautiful lakes, is rightly considered the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located within the National Park "Sutjeska" and includes about 150-160 km2. Its lakes make it a beautiful destination for nature lovers and hiking:

crno jezero na zelengori

Crno jezero (the Black Lake)

is located at1450 m. Due to double inflow of fresh water it has a lot of brown trout. The maximum depth is about 4 m. In the summer it is covered with reed which makes it perfect for “fly fishing”.

Bijelo jezero (the White Lake)

is located about 500 m south of the Black Lake. It is also called the Green Lake because of its color. Its shape is circular, with depth of about 3 m and is located at about 1500 m. There is no fish in it.

Bijelo lake-Zelengora

Gornje Bare (the Upper Pond)

is away from the lake Donje Bare (the Down Pond) approximately 1,5 km northwest at 1515 m. Its maximum depth is about 3 m.

Donje Bare(the Down Pond)

is located at 1475 m, and its depth is 4 m. It is only 20 km from Tjentiste and can be reached by macadam road. It is very rich in Californian trout.

Borilovačko jezero (the Borilovacko lake)

is the only artificial lake on Zelengora which is annually stocked with Californian trout. It is located at about 1450 m and from the mountain pass Cemerno is 24 km away.

Kotlaničko jezero (the Kotlanicko lake)

is situated at 1528 m in beautiful surroundings and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Zelengora. It is very rich in fish, Arctic char, and endemic amphibian Triton lives in it. The maximum depth is about 10 m. It can be reached from Cemerno following the macadam path 21 km long.

Kotlaničko lake-Zelengora
stirinsko jezero

Štirinsko jezero (the Stirinsko lake)

is the largest of all the lakes on Zelengora and its depth is about 4,5 m. Located at 1672 m, the lake is about an hour walk away from Kotlanicko lake. In it resides Arctic char. Near the lake there are 80 medieval tombstones.

Kladopoljsko jezero (the Kladopoljsko lake)

is also referred to as Martin's Spring, owing to the source that is about 500 m away from the lake. The lake is located at 1380 m and has a depth of about 9 m. It is rich in trout and is ideal for "fly fishing" because the coastal shallows are overgrown with water lilies in the summer. Access is from Kalinovik, the village Obalj, located on the way to Ulog.

Kladopoljsko lake-Zelngora

Orlovačko jezero (the Orlovacko lake)

is about 1 km away from Borilovacko lake and is situated at 1483 m. The depth of the lake is about 4,5 m. In the lake exist brown trout, Arctic char and Californian trout that is later thrown in.

All lakes on Zelengora are managed by the National Park "Sutjeska", except Kladopoljsko lake that is the responsibility of Sport fishing society Ulog from Ulog.