Trnovacko lake

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Just when you see its shape of heart, it will be enough to fall in love at first sight with the Trnovacko lake, because it will win you over with its seductive form and its blue-green color.

trnovacko lake

This is the destination hardly anyone can resist. It is located in the far northwest of Montenegro surrounded by mountains Maglic, Volujak, Vlasulja, Bioc and Trnovacki Durmitor, that are reflected in blue-green water of the lake.

The lake is not that easy approachable and can be reached from the direction of Pluzine (Montenegro) or from the direction of Foca (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Both ways imply several hours of hiking. This is the main reason why this is a favorite destination for many hikers and fishermen. They claim that the lake is full of fish and perfect for “fly fishing". The lake is located at 1517 m, with about 600 meters in diameter and with varying depth.

trnovacko lake

The shape of the lake and impressive environment is what makes it perhaps the most beautiful lake in the region. Especially fascinates its blue-green color because of which it looks like an emerald. Emerald carefully hidden with slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Near the lake there is rainforest Perucica, one of the last surviving primeval forest in Europe. For many hikers this lake is the point of continuing conquest of new goals, among others - mountain Maglic (2386).