Tara canyon

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The Tara canyon - they call it a wild river, mountain beauty, tear of Europe.  But only when you sail on its waves and dive into its rapids you’ll know that Tara is the most beautiful thing you've experienced.

tara canyon

The Tara canyon is the deepest and the sharpest river valleys in Europe, the second in the world after Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States. It is navigable throughout its whole length of 149 km and with a depth of up to 1300 meters. Clear, green water of the Tara belongs into A category, and is drinkable in its entire course (which is extremely rare). It gives the landscape of the canyon freshness, radiance and motion in the impressive design of the river bed with its rapids, waterfalls, tributaries and other natural phenomena that can be found only here.

The Tara is the longest Montenegrin river, and compared to barren landscape of the Colorado, the Tara canyon looks like a jungle area. Light green color of lush deciduous trees and dark green conifers’ color prevail here. The Tara River receives most of its tributaries from the mountains Komovi, Sinjevine, Durmitor and Ljubisnja. At Scepan Field, border crossing between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tara meets Piva River, making a powerful blue-green river Drina.

Djurdjevica Tara

Previous studies have found that the canyon is rich in many endemic species of plants and insects and over 80 known caves, that so far have not been thoroughly explored.

On January 17th 1977 UNESCO program included the Tara river and its canyon on the list "Man and Biosphere" like World's ecological biosphere reserves, and on September 4th 1980 as part of the National Park "Durmitor" the Tara was declared as "World Heritage natural resources of UNESCO” complying with three conditions: geological, hydrological and biological phenomena.