Sand pyramids

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Sand pyramids (or the dunes) are a unique natural phenomenon and a special nature reserve in the Republic of Srpska. They are located 9 km from Foca along the old road to Sarajevo in the village Danicici at the location Sljivovice.

sand pyramids

The sand pyramids were built of sandy clay from which material was slowly taken away, and the rest are individual peaks made of stronger rocks that are getting this rare form. This unique natural phenomenon was created by soil erosion in long period of time and as a result of aggressive loop of frosts, summer heat, rain and strong winds.

Sculpted figures of interesting shapes are similar to those in the Garden of Gods in Colorado, Dolomites in Italy and Devil's Town in Serbia.

The process of erosion continues today, so that they do not disappear, but on the contrary grow. There is a thesis that these pyramids are over 200 years old, and on their renown speaks the fact that this site was used to shoot part of the film "Captain Lesi" and "Winnetou". In recent years, the interest of tourists for this natural phenomenon is growing, and the Highlander team is ready to reveal you the charms of this natural beauty.