Rainforest Perucica

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Very few countries can be proud to own ecological treasure, and just such a treasure is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is rightly called "the lungs of Europe". As a part of the National Park "Sutjeska" the largest and best preserved reserve in Europe rainforest Perucica is hidden. This destination is a dream of every great nature lover.

rainforest perucica

Rainforest Perucica is surrounded by the highest mountain peaks of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Maglic (2386 m), Volujak (1978 m) and Snjeznica (1804 m), while from the mountain Zelengora is separated by the Sutjeska Canyon. It occupies an area of 1291 ha and in the center of the rainforest flows tiny river with the same name. Its impressive waterfall Skakavac plunges off a cliff 75 m high.

Very rough terrain is the main reason that very few people get a chance to see all the wonders that nature has donated this area. The forest is densely intertwined and in some places almost impassable. A great number of plant and animal species, many of them endemic and rare, are priceless treasures for botanists and zoologists. The richness of the rainforest Perucica is evidenced by the fact that over 170 species of trees and shrubs and over 1.000 species of herbaceous plants are registered in this area. Here you can find exceptional examples of beech, fir and spruce, while some trees reach a height of over 50 meters and have a diameter of 1.5 m. The previous record holder, a tree 62 meters high has recently fall down.

In 1952 due to its beauty and richness, rainforest Perucica was declared strictly protected reserve that is exclusively used for science and education. This natural wealth is a small remnant of primeval nature that deserves to be fully protected for present and future generations.
It is allowed to enter only with a licensed tour guide, but if you really want to properly see and experience the natural beauty of this unique and untouched rainforest of Europe choose the Highlander team.