Nevidio canyon

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Nevidio Canyon

"It's really surreal," - these are the words that best describe the beauty and cruelty of the canyon of Komarnica, that is popularly called the canyon Nevidio (Never seen).

It is located in the central part of Montenegro and it is a part of Komarnica river, which rises in the foothills of the southern part of Durmitor, specifically in the Dobri Dol. Immersing it passes between mountains Boljske grede (2091 m) and Lojanik (2091 m) to re-appear in a gentle valley of the river as a permanent river. At the end of the valley begins canyon Nevidio or "Neviđbog" as it is called by the citizens of this region. With the right carries this name because Komarnica suddenly loses in a strange engraved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.

canyon nevidio
nevidio canyon

Isolated and hidden in inaccessible terrain, the canyon for years aroused the attention and curiosity, but there was just a few organized attempts to get to know it and explore it. The first serious attempts (in 1957 and 1964) were unsuccessful and caused strange and fantastic stories of the last unconquered canyon of Europe. Until the August of 1965, when members of P.S.C. Javorak from Niksic, although with poor equipment, passed the canyon and introduced the world long hidden and amazing wild beauty.

The Nevidio is the last conquered canyon in Europe, yet highly visited tourist place. The canyon is about 3 km long and has a number of waterfalls, whirls and passages made by the water. Most of the canyon is in everlasting shadow, since the vertical walls prevent the sun's rays to reach the bottom. On the steep and inaccessible rocks conditions for vegetation are harsh so that the canyon is said to be the jewel of raw nature, that is both heaven and hell. In some places the canyon cliffs narrow up to half a meter, and their height reaches almost 400 m. Some parts of the canyon can be passed only with climbing equipment, so company of a tourist guide is necessary if you want to conquer this destination.