Maglic mountain

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Maglic mountain is the biggest challenge for true lovers of hiking and mountain heights invaders. Area of Foca municipality and beyond adorn the great mountain ranges, that belong to the Dinaric Mountains: Maglic, Zelengora, Volujak, Bioc, Ljubisnja, Lelija ... These are all tops of Bosnia and Herzegovina waiting for you to conquer them.


Maglic (2386 m) is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is located 20 km southwest of Foca, on the border with Montenegro. It is surrounded by the river Sutjeska in the west, mountain Volujak on the southwest, the rivers Drina and Piva in the northeast and on the southeast with mountain Bioc.

Maglic is made of Permian rocks, Mesozoic vapenc, diabase and malafira, while glacial traces can be also noticed. It is covered with beech and coniferous forests. The upper forest border is at about 1.600 m and above that height is a plateau with pastures and numerous ridges and peaks. The most famous plateaus are Vucevo (with the top Black Top), Rujevac, Snjeznica, Prijevor, Mratinjski Gora and Carev do. On the rocky slopes of Maglic can be found fossilized remains of extinct cephalopods ammonites.