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Take a look at the magnificent destinations in our surroundings. Find out more about numerous mountains, lakes and national parks.

National park "Durmitor"

The Tara canyon

They call it a wild river, mountain beauty, tear of Europe, but only when you sail on its waves and dive into its rapids you’ll know that Tara is the most beautiful thing you've experienced.

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The Nevidio canyon

"It's really surreal," - these are the words that best describe the beauty and cruelty of the canyon of Komarnica, that is popularly called the canyon Nevidio (Never seen).

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Trnovačko lake

Just when you see its shape of heart, it will be enough to fall in love at first sight with the Trnovacko lake, because it will win you over with its seductive form and its blue-green color.

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Name Durmitor comes from the Celtic word which means "mountain full of water," as evidenced by the 18 glacial lakes that are located on the mountain range.

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National park "SUTJESKA"


There are a lot of tops in Bosnia and Herzegovina waiting for you to conquer them, but for true lovers of hiking and mountain heights invaders the biggest challenge is Maglic mountain.

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Rainforest Perućica

Very few countries can be proud to own ecological treasure, and just such a treasure is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is rightly called "the lungs of Europe".

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Zelengora, the beauty amongst beauties, mountain with endless complex of forest and pastures, rocky peaks, very rich in flora and fauna with nine beautiful lakes, is rightly considered the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Sand Pyramids

Sand dunes or the pyramids are a unique natural phenomenon and a special nature reserve in the Republic of Srpska. They are located 9 km from Foca along the old road to Sarajevo in the village Danicici at the location Sljivovice.

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