Canyoning is a unique adrenaline experience that consists of mountain climbing, diving and swimming through very close and inaccessible rocks. It is a discipline that quickly captivates one with its beauty and rocks sculpted by the river.

Upon entering the canyon one is simply speechless in front of river’s patience, duration, its rapids, tubs, waterfalls, water slides, diving boards and the blue sky above it. In this adventure every stone hide the question - where to go, above or under a rock, to jump, skip or just let yourself go?

Highlander Team takes you to one of the five most popular Montenegrin canyon, which is also the last conquered canyon in Europe - the canyon Nevidio (Never seen). For years it was unattainable, and today it is a unique tourist attraction. Because of the terrain and sharp rocks this adventure in some places requires going down the waterfalls, passing through the straits only half a meter wide and jumping off the cliffs up to 400m high. That is why the presence of licensed tourist guides and connoisseurs of this canyon is necessary. The canyon is not technically and physically demanding, but it is important that nature lovers want to experience this adventure. Once you enter the canyon Nevidio there is no going back, just forward. However, the unique beauty of the strait, cascades and sparkling rapids of this canyon is reason enough to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro for which people say, "It's really surreal."

For canyoning the most important thing is to love nature, to choose experienced guides and good period of the year for your adventure. We recommend July, August and September. It is not a smart idea to enter this challenge without a guide, because he is the person who checks your equipment, gives safety with his experience and always finds an alternative solution to overcome the challenges of the canyon. At the beginning of the descent he gives a brief and let you know what you can expect in the canyon and how to behave in order to overcome all obstacles without fear and panic.

Since the water is extremely cold we provide you with special neoprene-diving suits and boots to help you stay in the water without being cold or scratched by rocks. For safe going down waterfalls and gorges you will use rope, helmet and belt. Lowering the canyon is about 125 m altitude difference, and after leaving the canyon you will need to climb some 200 m height difference. These 200 m team exceed in 20 minutes when they are fittest, in 30 minutes when team members are sporty and in 40 minutes when someone is in solid shape and up to an hour when tourists are not in such a good shape.

It will not be easy, that we can guarantee, but in the end of all these extreme experiences, you will enjoy the incredible feeling that you succeed and you will be very proud of yourselves.