Camp Highlander

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map of the Tara canyon

The Camp Highlander

The camp Highlander is located 20 km from Foca and only 5 km from the border crossing Scepan Field between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is surrounded by hornbeam trees and is situated in an attractive location on the right side of the Drina River.



N: 43.362051
E: 18.807748

Location of the camp Highlander is ideal for rafting, hiking, biking or fishing. It is the starting point for the tours National Park "Sutjeska" and National Park "Durmitor". Mountain peaks Maglic, Durmitor, Bioc and Zelengora are just some of the peaks that are located in the vicinity of the camp. There are also lakes of Zelengora, more precisely nine of them, rainforest Perucica and waterfall Skakavac 73 m high.


The camp is like an oasis in nature, but also an excellent destination for adventure, that offers a chance to be one with the nature and enjoy in all its charms.

It's time to spend your vacation in harmony with nature, to add a few unforgettable days in the beautiful natural environment to your gloomy everyday life, and replace urban heat with the fresh air and morning dew. It's time to enjoy the peace and quiet. The huge amounts of adrenaline will leave you breathless and for  a short period of time you can experience a life of a Highlanders. At dusk of the day you can forget your worries, turn off the internet and enjoy under the starry sky, with the murmur of the Drina and campfire of Camp Highlander .... whatever you think, you should know that "miracles do not actually violate the laws of nature" and enjoy!