Rafting is an amazing feeling when you are united with the river that carries you, faster and faster, throwing you in its rapids, covering you with cold waves and refreshes you every time you reach out a hand to drink it. This is the shortest description of what awaits you in the canyon of Tara. And much more! Rafting is definitely an adventure you are going to talk about for a long time and place you will always want to come back whenever you can.

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Canyoning is a unique adrenaline experience that consists of mountain climbing, diving and swimming through very close and inaccessible rocks. It is a discipline that quickly captivates one with its beauty and rocks sculpted by the river. Upon entering the canyon one is simply speechless in front of river’s patience, duration, its rapids, tubs, waterfalls, water slides, diving boards and the blue sky above it. In this adventure every stone hide the question - where to go, above or under a rock, to jump, skip or just let yourself go?

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Fly fishing

There are major dilemmas when and where so-called fly-fishing appeared, but many sources indicate that its origins are at the Balkans. Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned. Anyway, maybe this type of fishing originated from pure curiosity of fishermen, perhaps as a necessary “evil”, but nowadays fly fishing is the obsession of many fishing fans…

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Mount biking

After the winter season when skiers have gone home from the mountain peaks to the "scene" come cyclists - lovers of mountain biking. More than 25 years mountain biking is a challenge and passion of all those who love nature and who enjoy conquering it with the power of their body. This type of riding is also called "off road" cycling, because it is one of the extreme sports (hobbies) in which bikes are ride in the hills, the mountains, with cart roads, through forests, parks, meadow and all areas that are collectively called "off road". 

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Horse riding

Each of us has at least once wanted to have a horse. For some fortunate this wish came true ☺ To all of you who were not so lucky, but no matter what you love and dream of riding a horse in the beautiful mountainous regions, Highlander Team can make this happen. We give you the opportunity to saddled horse of your choice and enjoy the fantastic feeling - horse riding.

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Jeep safari

The jeep safari is particularly adventurous experience that you can enjoy traveling with Highlander Team through the National Park "Durmitor" and National Park "Sutjeska" enjoying the beauty of the lakes and the largest peaks of the Balkans. This adventure can be combined with rafting in the Tara canyon or camping and hiking tour of the mountains

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Depending on the route, hiking can be more or less physically demanding, but this type of active holiday and enjoyment on fresh mountain air is always a great way to calm the mind and the perfect way to rest the soul. If you want to get away from the usual everyday life and "recharge" the positive energy, then hiking with Highlander Team is right choice. Demonstrate skills, courage and flexibility! Become one with nature - join us in this adventure!

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If you are someone who doesn’t like to go on beaten paths, then trekking is that journey on which the Highlander Team will be happy to be your guide and help you create your own path through the magnificent nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina! Since it involves an adventure in less walkable areas where trails are not marked, it can be said that trekking is a combination of hiking and walking with short breaks needed to collect energy for all the obstacles that await you.

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