A5 – Rafting through the whole Tara canyon

Arrangement 5
Four-days rafting through the whole Tara canyon

Price: 230 € person

For accommodation in Lux bungalows, there is an extra 15€ per one night, per person over the price of the arrangement.
(3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, 1 snack)

Jeep safari through the National Park Durmitor – Djurdjevica Tara – Radovan Luka – Scepan Field – Camp Highlander
* The offered package applies during the whole week, not just on weekends

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A5-rafting cijelim tokom tare

Conquer 90 km of wild mountain river and start four exciting rafting days in the Tara canyon with Highlander Team. You will forget about all the problems, stress and obligations. You will enjoy a jeep safari through the National Park „Durmitor“, see incredibly beautiful landscapes and experience an incredibly exciting rafting adventure throughout Tara Canyon.


DAY 1: Arrival to the Camp Highlander until 6 pm (non-binding hour). After settling into the mountain bungalow that you booked  you will have dinner (around 8 pm). After that gathering by the camp fire with music.

DAY 2: Breakfast in the early morning hours (around 7 am). After delicious breakfast we will distribute rafting equipment (life jacket, helmet, neoprene suit and shoes, paddle). All this plus your personal belongings we will packed in jeeps. Departure from the Camp Highlander around 8 am. We will ride through the Piva Canyon passing through 66 tunnels. Short stop at the dam Piva (222 meters height), and then we will climb up the Piva mountain with jeeps. Arrival in the village Trsa (1470 m/nv). The journey continues through Durmitor and passing next to mountain lakes. Crossing the saddle Sedlo (1907 m/nv) and arrival in mountain tourist resort Zabljak (1456 m/nv) where we have pause for a coffee and a short break. The ride through the canyon of the Piva and Durmitor takes about 3 hours. After a break and refreshment we descend to the Tara Canyon and arrive at the bridge Djurdjevic Tara which is long 365 m and 172 m high. On the bridge we will make a short break for taking pictures. Three kilometers upstream is Splaviste where we start out rafting on Tara. Arrival at the Splaviste in 11 am where we begin preparations for rafting. We leave all personal belongings and clothes with the driver who drives them to the camp Radovan Luka, which is our next destination. River guides make seating arrangements on the boat and run a short course / briefing on proper sitting, behavior in the boat and paddling techniques in the fast and wild river. During the trip we make breaks at the waterfalls, springs and other very interesting places for swimming. There will be also a break for the snack that we had brought with us on the boat. Arrival to the camp Radovan Luka at 5 pm where the driver is waiting for us with all our personal belongings. Lunch and dinner are organized in the camp, and after dinner gathering around the campfire.

DAY 3: Breakfast until 9 am. After breakfast the preparations for departure and packing personal belongings that driver takes to Camp Highlander. On this day we go through the deepest part of the Tara canyon 1300 m, as well as the most beautiful places on Tara with the beautiful waterfalls. During the trip guides will show you more beautiful and interesting places on Tara. On Brstanovica we pause for a snack before the most exciting part on the river where 22 rapids are expecting us. After Tara, we will have rafting another 5 km along the Drina river (near Scepan Feld, rivers Tara and Piva meet and continue as Drina) until Highlander Camp. Arrival at Camp Highlander is scheduled at 6 pm where we have a late lunch and dinner, followed by gathering around the campfire and music.

DAY 4: After guests get some sleep follows  a delicious mountain breakfast (around 9 am), summing up the impressions, and ending the program. According to the wishes of the guests and and their possibilities it is possible to stay longer.


BREAKFAST: Homemade bread and fresh donuts (ustipci), smoked ham (prsuta), sour cream (kajmak), cheese, honey, jam, fried and boiled eggs, milk and tea.
LUNCH: Optionally young veal or lamb made under the metal pan, veal soup, trout, homemade bread, salad, cake or fruit.
DINNER: Optionally, grilled meat (meat dumplings (ćevapi), barbecue sausages, chops, chicken, kebab (ražnjići), stew, fish trout, Cabbage rolls (sarma), pie made under the metal pan, salad, homemade bread, pancakes.


*For accommodation in Lux bungalows, there is an extra 15€ per night, per person over the price of the arrangement.

  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 5 people or you can join an existing group
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 persons per guide
  • A minimum participants' age is 8 years
  • The menu can also be adapted to vegetarians and vegans, but with prior announcement
  • The snack and lunch packages are included in the price
  • All prices are in euros and per one person
  • This arrangement can be combined or extended with other arrangements from our offer
  • Timetable in the description of the arrangement is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests

The package price includes:

  • 90 km of rafting trhoug Tara Canyon
  • Overnight in the camp „Highlander“ and „Radovan Luka“
  • All meals during the entire duration of the arrangement
  • Tax fee for rafting on the Tara river (35 euros per person)
  • Accommodation tax
  • Full rafting equipment (neoprene suit, neoprene boots, protective helmet, safety vest, anorak, waterproof sacks)
  • Transport during the entire duration of the arrangement
  • Insurance for rafting
  • Licensed Skippers Guide - International Rafting Federation
  • Free parking for your vehicles


The package price does not include:

  • Additional services
  • All other expenses not covered by the program



  • Passport or ID card (depending on the country of origin)
  • Green card (if you are traveling by your own car)
  • Swimsuit
  • A warm sweater or jacket (nights by the river can be cooler)
  • Slippers and shower towels
  • Camera



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