A23 – Sarajevo excursion

Arrangement 23
One-day tour to sandy pyramids and Sarajevo

Price: 70 € person

* The offered package applies during the whole week, not just on weekends

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Whether you are passing through our country or you are just a guest in Highlander Camp we recommend that you stop and take a little time and walk through the cobblestones of the most beautiful Bosnian cities. One of them is located in Sarajevo, a city where the East and West intertwine for centuries, different religions and cultures are mixed, but also the past and present.

Program: You are coming to the Highlander Camp in the morning hours, where we will welcome you with drink and delicious breakfast. After that, we move with our terrain vehicles through the Bistrica canyon towards Miljacka and Sarajevo. Only 9km from Foča we reach the sandy pyramids (dina), which are a natural phenomenon and a special nature reserve of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This unique natural phenomenon has been caused by soil erosion, over many years, as a result of aggressive frost, summer heat, rain and strong winds. Executed figures of interesting shapes are similar to those in the „Garden of the Gods“ in Colorado, „Dolomites“ in Italy and „Devil's Village“ in Serbia. The process of erosion lasts even today, so they do not disappear, but they grow. There is a thesis that these pyramids are over 200 years old. It's simply a natural wonder that you have to see, and then we are heading to Sarajevo. After 2 hours of driving we will see the famous and many times drunken river Miljacka. And then we go to Baščaršija to buy som souvenirs and taste the famous coffee from the fildan („fildžan“).   Small, antique shops filled with hand-made souvenirs, dressing rooms, dishes and other interesting things will simply conquer you. We will visit a national monument, the building from the Austro-Hungarian period, known as the Marin Palace and will take some photos in front of the „Eternal Fire“ memorial. You will also see the architectural masterpiece of the City Hall, the symbol of Sarajevo, as well as the favorite picnic of many Sarajlija - Vrelo Bosne (the source of the river Bosna, with its lakes where fish and swims are swimming). We will also visit Skenderija, sports and business center on the Miljacka shore, and afternoon we will return to the Camp Highlander where we will have delicious traditional lunch. After lunch, with the summing up of the impressions and plans for new adventures, the arrangement ends. According to the wishes and in agreement with guests, it is possible to stay longer.



BREAKFAST: Homemade bread and fresh donuts (ustipci), smoked ham (prsuta), sour cream (kajmak), cheese, honey, jam, fried and boiled eggs, milk and tea.
LUNCH: Optionally young veal or lamb made under the metal pan, veal soup, trout, homemade bread, salad, cake or fruit.


  • Prethodno iskustvo nije potrebno
  • Za realizaciju ovog aranžmana minimalan broj učesnika je 2, a maksimalno 8 po vodiču
  • Minimalna preporučena starost učesnika je 8 godina
  • Jelovnik je moguće prilagođavati i vegetarijancima i veganima, ali uz prethodnu najavu
  • Cijene su izražene u evrima i po osobi
  • Satnice u opisu aranžmana nisu fiksne i mogu se mijenjati zavisno od želje i potreba gostiju
  • Svi aranžmani se uz dogovor mogu produžiti i kombinovati
  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 2 people or you can join an existing group
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 persons per guide
  • A minimum participants' age is 18 years
  • The menu can also be adapted to vegetarians and vegans, but with prior announcement
  • All prices are in euros and per one person
  • Timetable in the description of the arrangement is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests
  • This arrangement can be combined or extended with other arrangements from our offer


The price of the package includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Residence tax
  • All transports to off-road vehicles during the arrangement
  • Trip to sandy pyramids
  • Visiting Sarajevo town

The package price does not include:

  • Additional services
  • All other expenses not covered by the program



  • Passport or ID card (depending on the country of origin)
  • Green card (if you are traveling by your own car)
  • Foto camera


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