A21 – Via Dinarica 3

Arrangement 21
Four days: hiking to Zelengora Lakes

Price: 250 € person

For accommodation in Lux bungalows, there is an extra 15€ per one night, per person over the price of the arrangement.
4 days / 3 nights / 3 days for jeep safari and hiking
Camp Highlander - Zelengora
(3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 1 snack)
* The offered package applies during the whole week, not just on weekends

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According to the „National Geography" magazine „VIA DINARICA" hiking route has been declared as one of the best hiking routes and recommendations to all mountaineers for 2017 year. Mountains that have been included in VIA DINARICA route Highlander Team have been "discovering" to all nature lovers for meny years. If you like nature, hiking and sleeping under clear skies in tents (or mountaineering homes), we recommend that you conqard the Zelengora lakes. They are called „emerald jewelshey“ of an untouched nature, hidden at the foot of the mountain wreaths. Zelengora is a mountain with an unspoiled forest complex and pastures, with rocky peaks and very rich flora and fauna. It has nine beautiful lakes, and rightfully carries the epithet of the most beautiful mountain in BiH.  It is located within the National Park "Sutjeska", and its highest peak is Bregoc (2014 m), which you will conquer on this occasion with Highlander Team.

DAY 1: Arrival to the Camp Highlander until 6 pm (non-binding hour). After settling into the mountain bungalow that you booked  you will have dinner (around 8 pm). After that gathering by the camp fire with music.

DAY 2: Breakfast in the early morning hours around 8 am and about 9 o'clock we are starting with our terrain vehicles in the direction of Zelengora. It is a mountain known for its numerous pastures and clear glacial lakes. Our food chamber moves in the direction of Orolvac Lake, which will be our base for the next 3 days. Hajking tour starts a few kilometers after the village of Vrbnica. We continue along the Black Lake (1500 m/nv), the White Lake (1450 m/nv), the Ljubin grave and the Kozja sides (2014 m/nv). In the afternoon, we arrive at Orlovac Lake (1438 m/nv) where we plan and overnight. After a break from our hiking tours, we will stay at the accommodation in the mountain lodge at Orlovačko Lake. After lunch, we can rest, swim in the lake, enjoy nature and take pictures, add water supplies to nearby sources, and cool your tired feet away from hiking.  We will prepar dinner around 9 pm and have overnight in mountain lodge.

DAY 3: Our morning in nature will begin with coffee or tea according to your desire. A mountain breakfast is followed, and then we will start our hiking tour to Borilovac Lake (1500 m/nv), Kotlanica Lake (1525 m/nv), Stirina Lake (1672 m/nv). After a small rest and snack in the nature, we will return to Orlovac Lake in the afternoon hours. There we will again have rest and prepare lunch and dinner. Then slip into a dream in our comfortable tents or mountaineering home.

DAY 4: The last day of our hajking adventure begins with coffee or tea and a delicious mountain breakfast. We send the equipment and the food chamber to the Camp, and we continue through Bregoč (2014 m/nv), Javorak, Uglješin top (1859 m/nv) where we make a break for snacks. We continue to the Upper Bar (1650 m/nv) and arrive at the lake Donje bare (1550 m/nv). There we are waiting for vehicles to return to the Highlander Camp where a lunch is scheduled for around 4 pm. After lunch, the tour is over and we diverge richer for one more memory to remember and new friends.



BREAKFAST: Homemade bread and fresh donuts (ustipci), smoked ham (prsuta), sour cream (kajmak), cheese, honey, jam, fried and boiled eggs, milk and tea.
LUNCH: Optionally young veal or lamb made under the metal pan, veal soup, trout, homemade bread, salad, cake or fruit.
DINNER: Optionally, grilled meat (meat dumplings (ćevapi), barbecue sausages, chops, chicken, kebab (ražnjići), stew, fish trout, Cabbage rolls (sarma), pie made under the metal pan, salad, homemade bread, pancakes.


*For accommodation in Lux bungalows, there is an extra 15€ per night, per person over the price of the arrangement.

  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • The minimum number of participants for the implementation of the arrangement is 4 people or you can join an existing group
  • The maximum number of participants is 8 persons per guide
  • A minimum participants' age is 8 years
  • The menu can also be adapted to vegetarians and vegans, but with prior announcement
  • The snack or lunch packages are included in the price
  • All prices are in euros and per one person
  • Timetable in the description of the arrangement is not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of our guests
  • This arrangement can be combined or extended with other arrangements from our offer

The price of the package includes:

  • Hiking activities
  • Overnight in the camp
  • All meals during the duration of the arrangement
  • Tax for entrance to the National Park „Sutjeska"
  • Tax for the tour of Trnovac Lake
  • Tourist tax
  • All transports to off-road vehicles during the arrangement
  • Licensed guides
  • Free parking for your vehicles


The package price does not include:

  • Additional services
  • All other expenses not covered by the program



  • Passport or ID card (depending on the country of origin)
  • Green card (if you are traveling by your own car)
  • Swimsuit
  • A warm sweater or jacket (nights by the river can be cooler)
  • Slippers and shower towels
  • Footwear for hiking
  • Foto camera


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